making of ‘layers of being me’


Making progress on my next item for the ‘i don’t know what it is that i don’t understand about love‘ project.

Pic taken through one of the eyes of a mask.

Layers of Being Me will (probably) also come to contain pictures of me in the pose of Layers of Being (Angus Taylor).


NSA Umbrella

umbrellansatxt-72px (7 of 7)

umbrellansatxt-72px (1 of 7)

My “NSA umbrella” is coming into it’s own. When finished it will contain a secret & coded message for the NSA. I will use it in a performance(s) where i will walk past security camera’s in different locations and sticking the umb towards the cam’s. I trust the proces for delivering my message to it’s rightful place.

Part of the ‘all secrets will be revealed‘ project.