Human endeavor

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Concept and realisation (at Buitenkunst 2013, with very limited materials available) of an imperfect ‘bowling ball’. The idea is that the imperfectness makes you somehow always fail, where ever you aim it at.

It was only when reading Sloterdijk’s Spheres that i became aware of the De Ludo Globi game of Nicolas of Cusa, which is about the difficulty for human beings to reach God. “God” is in the middle of a concentric circles of which the outer one is called Chaos. The player has to aim the ‘bowling ball’ at the center of the circles. However, the ball that is used for this is deliberately made in such a way that its pathway will be somewhat unpredictable and not a straight line at all.



hand me the water please

hand me the water please

The performer is standing in a plastic barrel and is continously throwing watering cans, which are quite heavy because they are filled to the brim with water. The performer is aiming the watering cans at a small target that is quite some distance away and is bound to get tired and frustrated in the process. But he has to perservere with this daunting task.

This performace – which i did not perfom, but which i designed – came out of an assignment by Rosa Sijben at Buitenkunst (2013).